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Albert Astals Cid
Revert e2ec957c0174a36396c3e8c194f44a1f300a950f
Until we depend on a newer gcc (>= 9.1)

We still support gcc 8 and it seems it's not super obvious to use it
there, might need linking to an extra library in some platforms,
and honestly for the 1 warning on MSVC that this fixes
it's not worth the effort to figure out how to link to that lib

See Issue 1203 for more info.
Albert Astals Cid
Fix glib compilation on MSVC
glib-mkenums is a python script and you can't tell Windows to run those,
so tell windows to run python with glib-mkenums as script to run
Albert Astals Cid
pdfsig: Fix compile with MSVC
Albert Astals Cid
SignatureHandler: Fix crashes on Windows
We should not use SEC_ASN1_XTRN since on Windows that means
SEC_ASN1_DYNAMIC which means the third parameter is a function.

IssuerSerialTemplate is not a function

SECOID_AlgorithmIDTemplate was a function, but that was also a mistake
since it's defined as a template in secoid.h
Albert Astals Cid
FindNSS3: Improve documentation and remove "wrong" MSVC check
Albert Astals Cid
Fix including gdir.h in Windows
Albert Astals Cid
Use GDir in getDefaultFirefoxCertDB_Linux
Albert Astals Cid
Make GDir::getNextEntry return a unique pointer
Nelson Benítez León
glib: try with utf8 password if latin1 fails
when opening encrypted files in below functions.


Poppler-glib converts password to latin1 before opening,
but as shown in issue #824 there could be files encrypted
with a UTF8 password, and other pdf viewers handle this
well, so let's do the same and try with UTF-8 if latin1
fails. Note: we originally receive the password in UTF-8
from GTK.

Thanks @aacid for clue about how this was fixed in Okular side.

Fixes issue #824
Albert Astals Cid
SignatureHandler: Access CERT_NameTemplate in a Windows/Android compatible way
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
[qt] Add PDFConverter::NewSignatureData::imagePath
Albert Astals Cid
Add (C)
AnnotAppearanceBuilder: Also use the image when there is left signature text
Marek Kasik
PDFDoc: Count only signature fields in getNumSignatureFields
Previous version returned number of all fields instead of just the ones
with signatures.
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C) of commit-1
Albert Astals Cid
Make DefaultAppearance::toAppearanceString return a std::string
Albert Astals Cid
qt: Allow passing the document password when signing
We need it since in the middle of the signing process we need to reopen
the document we just created to do some final modifications
Oliver Sander
Remove a bit of duplicate code
Oliver Sander
Let FoFiTrueType::make and ...::load return std::unique_ptr
Because these methods do release the object ownership.
Oliver Sander
Allocate GfxFontLoc object on the stack
Compared to the heap storage used previously, this saves one layer
of indirection and the heap memory management.

The new code uses C++17's std::optional class to model the
'no fontLoc' value previously encoded by 'nullptr'.
Oliver Sander
Store 'path' as std::string in GfxFontLoc
...instead of as GooString*.  This avoids some heap allocations.

To simplify interaction with the rest of the code, the GfxFontLoc
class gets two new methods 'setPath' and 'pathAsGooString'.
These methods are intended to be temporary.  Avoiding them now
would mean having to change too much calling code.
Oliver Sander
Remove spurious double include
Oliver Sander
Make a few GooString* arguments const
Albert Astals Cid
poppler 22.01.0
Albert Astals Cid
Make FormFieldSignature::getCheckedSignature return an optional
Albert Astals Cid
pdfsig: Fix signing with -sign if nss password is needed
Albert Astals Cid
Welcome 2022
Albert Astals Cid
pdfsig: Fix signing documents with owner/user password
Albert Astals Cid
pdfsig: Add support for listing signatures of documents with passwords
Adding signatures to documents with passwords still doesn't work
Christian Persch
glib: Remove FD-taking functions on windows
They don't compile, and are not useful on windows anyway. Remove the
functions completely, not just stub out their implementation, since
otherwise the API contract of consuming the FD would be violated.

Albert Astals Cid
LinkResetForm: Also understand strings in the Fields field
Nelson Benítez León
poppler/Form.cc: fix crash when calling Form::reset()
caused by calling compare() with a negative 'pos'

Fixes issue https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/evince/-/issues/1694
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Marco Genasci
Include setjmp.h when WITH_JPEG=yes and WITH_PNG=no
Albert Astals Cid
PSOutputDev::startPage: Fix potential integer overflow
Albert Astals Cid
PDFDoc::getDocInfoStringEntry return a unique_ptr
Makes clear that the ownership is transferred
Albert Astals Cid
Remove Object::takeString
it's a micro optimization used in non-hot paths and is not even correct
due to how GooStrings inside Objects are shared, so just kill it and
copy a few strings in those non-hot paths
Nelson Benítez León
TextOutputDev: require more spacing between columns
Require more spacing for adjacent text to be
considered a separate column of text.

We do that by increasing 'minColSpacing1' parameter,
which marks the distance, within which, an adjacent
word will be pulled to the current block.

We provide a way to tweak the default value:
double getMinColSpacing1();
void setMinColSpacing1(double val);

Fixes issue #1093
Christian Persch
glib: Plug some mem leaks
This code leaked a GooString each time it was called.

==1018012== 56 (32 direct, 24 indirect) bytes in 1 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 11,042 of 19,178
==1018012==    at 0x4841FF5: operator new(unsigned long) (vg_replace_malloc.c:422)
==1018012==    by 0x1EFE8DA5: copy (GooString.h:104)
==1018012==    by 0x1EFE8DA5: Object::copy() const (Object.cc:52)
==1018012==    by 0x1EFE8EE8: Object::fetch(XRef*, int) const (Object.cc:78)
==1018012==    by 0x1EF6C0C7: Dict::lookup(char const*, int) const (Dict.cc:167)
==1018012==    by 0x1EFF5592: dictLookup (Object.h:622)
==1018012==    by 0x1EFF5592: PDFDoc::getDocInfoStringEntry(char const*) (PDFDoc.cc:779)
==1018012==    by 0x1EA00E71: getDocInfoCreatDate (PDFDoc.h:277)
==1018012==    by 0x1EA00E71: poppler_document_get_creation_date_time (poppler-document.cc:1596)