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Albert Astals Cid
Update (C) of previous commits
Hubert Figuiere
Remove ENABLE_SPLASH and HAVE_SPLASH (always true)
Philipp Knechtges
PSOutputDev: fix off-by-one error for image masking in L1/L2 output
Fixes issue #1088
Albert Astals Cid
Form: make sure quadding has a valid value
Albert Astals Cid
CI: switch mingw CI to fedora 33
fedora 34 is giving weird errors around libjpeg
Albert Astals Cid
poppler 21.06.1
Nelson Benítez León
glib: fix poppler_rectangle_free() regression
Regression from e3fed321f230a4a91df873e6d9a213ba8dad6694

Fixes issue #1087
Albert Astals Cid
poppler 21.06.0
Albert Astals Cid
Move the ownerKey/userKey padding to the correct place
Albert Astals Cid
pad ownerKey/userKey if < 32
Inspired by xpdf
Albert Astals Cid
Don't force ownerKey and userKey to be exacly 32 chars long
The spec says that they have to be this long, but then when calculating
the hashes says "if it is longer, cut it, if it is shorter, add these
characters" (and we implement that) so it's a bit of spec mismatch.

Fixes issue #1083
Albert Astals Cid
uintx -> uintx_t
The non _t types were provided by libtiff and are now deprecated
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C) of last commit
Albert Astals Cid
Be a bit more verbose when we think Invalid encryption key length is wrong
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Albert Astals Cid
Remove OutlineItem::close
It was only used in the Outline destructor and in HtmlOutputDev but
there it was kind of pointless
Albert Astals Cid
Cast to the actual type we're storing in
Fixes a warning in gcc 11
Oliver Sander
Use std::unique_ptr in the Qt6 interface
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Mahmoud Khalil
Provides the `wasReconstructed` value to caller
Modifies the Poppler backend library to call a callback method submitted
by callers in case a XRef reconstruction occurs, as well as, providing
an API for setting the callback from the qt5/qt6 frontend so that users
be able to set callback and check whether it has already happened or

FIXES #416
Albert Astals Cid
Mark two Stream::isFoo functions as const
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C) of previous commit
Albert Astals Cid
Fancier left/right signature visual representation
Hubert Figuière
make boost opt-out if building splash
Albert Astals Cid
FoFiTrueType::cvtSfnts: Protect against integer overflow
Albert Astals Cid
FoFiTrueType::cvtSfnts: Protect against integer overflow
Albert Astals Cid
qt: Don't assert when trying to invert singular matrices
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C) of previous commit
Albert Astals Cid
Restore setting the Encoding in createAnnotDrawFont
It was removed in 9db685f379c1c9195b5f0c9a693e7a581e6b214f and as far as
i remember the reason was that signatures created with that hung Adobe
Reader, but I can't reproduce it anymore and on top of that is causing
regressions when rendering PDF files (Issue #1070) so restore it.
  • runtests: 3 unexpected failures (0.05%) [1 cairo (33.33%), 1 splash (33.33%), 1 text (33.33%)] -  stdio
Albert Astals Cid
Poppler 21.05.0
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C) of previous commits
Albert Astals Cid
CI: Use fedora 34 for mingw
Nelson Benítez León
find, glib: Enhance find to support multi-line matching
On the backend side, adds 3 new parameters to TextPage::findText(),
one bool to enable the feature, one out PDFRectangle to store
the part of the match that falls on the next line, and one out
bool to inform whether hyphen was present and ignored at end of
the previous match part.

For the glib binding, this extends the public PopplerRectangle
struct by new members to hold additional information about
whether the rectangle belongs to a group of rectangles for the
same match, and whether a hyphen was ignored at the end of the
line. Since PopplerRectangle is public ABI, this is done by making
the public PopplerRectangle API return the enlarged struct, and
internally casting to the new struct when required, the new
members are accessible only via accessor functions.

For Qt5 Qt6 bindings, this commit only implements the new flag
Poppler::Page::AcrossLines (but no new function and no new
return data type) and if this flag is passed, the returned
list of rectangles will also include rectangles for the
second part of across-line matches.

This minimum Qt bindings still allows for the creation of
tests for this feature (using the Qt test framework) which
this commit *do includes*. But a more complete binding (with
a new return type that includes 'matchContinued' and 'ignoredHypen'
boolean fields) is left to do for qt backend maintainers
if they want to use this feature in eg. Okular.

So, as mentioned, this commit incorporates tests for the
implemented across-line matching feature, and the tests do
also check for two included aspects of this feature, which are:

- Ignoring hyphen character while matching when 1) it's the
  last character of the line and 2) its corresponding matching
  character in the search term is not an hyphen too.

- Any whitespace characters in the search term will be allowed
  to match on the logic position where the lines split (i.e. what
  would normally be the newline character in a text file, but
  PDF text does not include newline characters between lines).

Regarding the enhancement to findText() function which implements
matching across lines, just two more notes:

- It won't match on text spanning more than two lines, i.e. it
  only matches text spanning from end of one line to start of
  next line.

- It does not supports finding backwards, if findText() receives
  both <backward> and <matchAcrossLines> parameters as true, it
  will ignore the <matchAcrossLines> parameter. Implementing
  <matchAcrossLines> with backwards direction is possible, but
  it will make an already complex function like findText() to be
  even more complex, for little gain as eg. Evince does not even
  use the <backward> parameter of findText().

Fixes poppler issues #744 and #755
Related Evince issue https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/evince/issues/333
Albert Astals Cid
CI: rename clazy CI to make it clear it uses a new C compiler
Albert Astals Cid
CI: Use clang-12
Disable new performance-no-int-to-ptr clang-tidy check since it triggers
too many issues deep in too many places
Albert Astals Cid
GfxShading::init: Fix assert in broken files
Fixes issue #1071
Albert Astals Cid
qt: Allow to pass the border width when signing
Albert Astals Cid
qt: Make sure new signatures are always properly oriented
With the old code if it the page we were adding a signature was
landscape and then rotated 90 degrees to look like portrait (relatively
common on scanned documents) the text would appear wrongly oriented
Albert Astals Cid
Prevent integer overflow PSOutputDev::checkPageSlice
Albert Astals Cid
pdftoppm: Fix regression when using single scaleTo
Fixes #1062