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Albert Astals Cid
Make TextSelectionSizer a bit easier to understand standalone
Nothing really changes because it's only used in one place and that
place called getRegion so there's no leak but looking at the class
standalone one could think that one would get a leak if getRegion was
not called.
Albert Astals Cid
strtok -> strtok_r
Otherwise we have threading issues if two threads are doing strtok at
the same time

Fixes issue #1050
Albert Astals Cid
poppler_annot_free_text_get_callout_line: Fix wrong static cast
static_cast always "suceeds" so it makes no sense using it to check if
the callout is multiline or not
Albert Astals Cid
JPEG2000Stream.cc: Remove useless two if (priv->image)
We're already inside an if (priv->image) check
Albert Astals Cid
Fix memory leak in broken file in JBIG2Stream::readGenericBitmap
It could happen that codingLine succeeds but refLine fails because we're
just on the edge of the allocatable memory so free codingLine just in
Albert Astals Cid
Gfx: Make clear neither printCommands nor profileCommands change
Albert Astals Cid
Mark Object::streamGetChar[s] as non const
Calling them twice in a row will potentially return different things, so
I would say probably don't qualify as const
Albert Astals Cid
Fix leak in case of fread failing
Albert Astals Cid
Make getMin return the min, not the max ^_^
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Nelson Benítez León
TextSelectionDumper: Fix getText() for space after word
Fix TextSelectionDumper::getText() (which is
currently only used by the glib frontend) to
not default to add a space after word in the
case the word is explicitly set to not carry
that space by means of the 'spaceAfter' TextWord

Fixes issue #1042
Kyle Auble
glib: Add deprecation guards for compiler
Kyle Auble
glib: Update more gtk-doc comments
Expanding the note for poppler_document_new_from_data() fixes #550.
Formally deprecating it also closes #100 as moot.
Kyle Auble
glib: Deprecate unintentionally public class
Fixes #33 by settling PopplerAttachmentClass (item 3).
Kyle Auble
glib: Document a recently added struct
Evan Nemerson
glib: add documentation for PopplerActions
Resolves most of #33 (items 1 & 2)

Signed-off-by: Kyle Auble <kyle.auble@outlook.com>
Oliver Sander
pdftoppm: Fix rounding bug in computation of output bitmap size
When a specific output image size was requested, the code would use
that size to compute the target resolution, and then use the
resolution to get the image size back.  In finite-precision
arithmetic the resulting image size is not necessarily an
integer, and a subsequent call to `ceil` then sometimes lead to
an image size that was 1 larger than what was explicitly

Fix this by using a given image size directly, without converting
it to resolution and back.

BUG: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/poppler/poppler/issues/927
Albert Astals Cid
pdfseparate: Remove exitCode variable
Albert Astals Cid
pdftoppm: Remove exitcode variable
Albert Astals Cid
pdfunite: remove exitCode variable
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
  • runtests: updating docs -  stdio
Nelson Benítez León
glib: keep same visual appearance between displayed and copied text
When copying text from displayed document to the clipboard,
we want a normalization that preserves 'canonical equivalence'
i.e. that the text after normalization is not visually
different than the original text. Our previous normalization
was just preserving unicode 'compatibility'.

Relevant documentation:
* https://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/linux/uc/nfc_vs_nfd.html
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode_equivalence
* https://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-Unicode-Manipulation.html#g-utf8-normalize

Issue #724
Albert Astals Cid
Improve well formed check for shading functions
Diogo Kollross
pdftoppm: Add -progress option
Oliver Sander
Make PDFDocBuilder return a std::unique_ptr
This make the memory ownership cleaner, and allows to simplify
a bit of error handling code in the `utils` directory.
Albert Astals Cid
Add missing poppler-qt6.pc.cmake
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
William Bader
Add pdftotext -cropbox option
Albert Astals Cid
PSOutputDev: Fix stack overflow in broken files
Albert Astals Cid
OutputDev:tilingPatternFill pass the GfxTilingPattern
instead of lots of fields from it

Makes the signature simpler :)
Albert Astals Cid
CharCodeToUnicode::parseCMap1: Bring back the delete
For some reason i deleted it on the previous commit
Albert Astals Cid
Fix parsing text in some broken pdf files
Workaround imported from xpdf 4.02

Fixes issue #1040
Albert Astals Cid
CI: new clang-format
Albert Astals Cid
poppler 21.02.0
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Philipp Knechtges
GfxCal*ColorSpace: introduce Bradford transform for chromatic adaptation
This brings the lcms2 code path and the non-lcms2 code path closer to each
other in terms of color reproduction.
So far the following points were missing, which are now added in this commit:
- Both code paths did either not adjust for a different source white point at all (lcms2 code path)
  or did some simple scaling. The code has now been adjusted to use the Bradford transform
  to adapt to either the D50 or D65 white point, depending on the code path.
- The non-lcms2 code path so far used the square root as an approximate gamma function.
  The correct sRGB gamma function has now been added.
  • runtests: 80 unexpected failures (1.90%) [42 cairo (52.50%), 38 splash (47.50%)] -  stdio
Albert Astals Cid
qt: Fix regression in QIODeviceOutStream + MSVC
vsnprintf actually works fine than qvsnprintf on MSVC nowadays so use
Albert Astals Cid
Make checkedAdd work for long long in MSVC
Albert Astals Cid
FoFiTrueType::cvtSfnts: Fix uninitialized memory read on broken files
Initialize maxUsedGlyph after the early check returns

Albert Astals Cid
qt: Properly export NewSignatureData