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Sune Vuorela
Async api for certificate validation
Albert Astals Cid
Increase version
This way people building from master can adapt to the new API already
Oliver Sander
Remove redundant conditional
The condition u[i] < 0x7F was checked twice.
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Albert Astals Cid
cpp: Fix crash extracting text and font in some files
Issue reported and patch suggestion by Samad Koita and Aviral Agarwal

Fixes issue #1477
Albert Astals Cid
Fix build after rebase
Sune Vuorela
pdftops: Write compliant ps header
According to the postscript spec, only DSC Comments are allowed in the

%%Creator is the header for the software used to generate the postscript
file, which is pdftops in this case, and not as such the generator for
the pdf file. I've chosen to, if available, keep the pdf creator as a
substring in the %%Creator field.

Originates in https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1068307
Stefan Brüns
Add tests for fakebold text
Oliver Sander
Move move prependUnicodeMarker to UTF.h
... and rename it to prependUnicodeByteOrderMark.

Now all unicode code has moved from GooString.h to UTF.h.
Oliver Sander
Move method GooString::hasUnicodeMarkerLE to UTF.h
... and rename it to hasUnicodeByteOrderMarkLE.

This allows to replace GooString by std::string in a few places.
(In a future commit)
Oliver Sander
Move method GooString::hasUnicodeMarker to UTF.h
... and rename it to hasUnicodeByteOrderMark.

This allows to replace GooString by std::string in a few places.
(In a future commit)
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Nicolas Fella
Fix text position in drawSignatureFieldText
When centering vertically we calculate the y offset based on the height of the text and the annotation

When doing that we must ignore the border width, otherwise the text is offset downwards
Nicolas Fella
Take border into account also for height when determining signature font size
The border reduces the available height, so take it into account for the height too, not only the width
Stefan Brüns
Fix Qt text extraction for Landscape/Seascape pages
TextOutputDev::getText expects rotated coordinates, e.g. the correct
bounds for an A4 Landscape page are {0, 0, 842, 595}.
Stefan Brüns
Cover Landscape etc in Qt Page::text tests
Currently, the "Lanscape" with default page rectangle test fails, as the
page orientation is not taken into account.

(Seascape is also incorrect, but as the text lies inside the unrotated
A4 cropbox rectangle (bottom left), the text is extracted.)
Stefan Brüns
Extend unit tests for Qt Page::text functionality
The unit tests only covered extraction from the whole page, make sure
the various cases for smaller selections are also covered.
Nelson Benítez León
Assume "Adobe-Identity" for character collection
When 'CIDSystemInfo' dictionary is absent or
has invalid content, instead of aborting the font
because we cannot read the character collection,
let's assume in that case character collection
to be "Adobe-Identity".

Fixes #1465 - Does not show text of Apple-edited PDFs
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Oliver Sander
Remove method GooString::clear
Use std::string::clear instead.  The only difference between the two
is that GooString::clear returns the empty string, whereas
std::string::clear does not. But apparently this feature of
GooString::clear was not used anywhere.
Oliver Sander
Remove GooString::startsWith and GooString::endsWith
Starting with C++20, the std::string class has methods
starts_with and ends_with, which do the same thing.
Use those instead.
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Albert Astals Cid
pdfdetach: find -> starts_with
Change type to `std::basic_string<char16_t>` Deprecated `char_traits` template has been removed in LLVM 19
Stefan Brüns
Regenerate pot/po files only if input has changed
A custom target with ALL is always generated, even if the files/outputs
specified with DPENDS are not changed.

This can be solved by generating the POT files with a custom_command.
The target triggers evaluation of the custom_command, but the latter will
only be run if the dependencies have changed.

Fixes #1479
Albert Astals Cid
poppler 24.04.0
Nelson Benítez León
reset clipping path when the state is restored
According to the specification, see NOTE 2 in

it appears that the clipping path should be reset
when the restore (Q) operator is encountered.

Fixes #739
Albert Astals Cid
CI: Update the hack to change c++ standard to 23 in the clang build
Albert Astals Cid
Require C++20
I want to use std::string::starts_with
Albert Astals Cid
CI: Use Fedora for clazy, it's newer and built against a newer clang
Albert Astals Cid
qt: Include less files
Albert Astals Cid
CI: Use fedora 40
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Stefan Brüns
Reduce worst case algorithmic complexity of TextBlock::coalesce
The old algorithm restarts the inner loop for the RHS word from the
beginning on each match, i.e. the worst case complexity approaches
O(N^3), while O(N^2) is obviously sufficient for a pairwise compare of
all words. Fortunately, O(N^2) is hardly ever happening, as the inner N
is limited by a) the maxBaseIdx, b) removing duplicates from the set.

For some pathological cases this changes the runtime from minutes to

See poppler#1173.
Stefan Brüns
Reduce TextWord space and allocation overhead
Currently, the word characters are allocated as a struct of arrays,
e.g. text and charcode are allocated separately.

This causes some space (6 pointers, 6 malloc chunk management
words (size_t/flags), alignment, ...) and runtime overhead (6 allocs/
frees per word).

Changing this to an array of struct reduces this overhead. It also allows
to be more conservative with allocations, as resizing is less costly, i.e.
starting with a single character allocation instead of 16. It is also more
efficient, as most accesses affect multiple or all attributes, i.e.
values in the same or neighboring CPU cache lines.

Using a std::vector instead of separate raw arrays also reduces code
and manual data management.

The "charPos end index" and trailing "edge" attributes are no
longer stored as an additional entry entry in the array, but as dedicated
data members, `charPosEnd` and `edgeEnd`.

The memory saving is most notably for short words, but even for words
with 16 characters there are small savings, and still less allocations
(1 + 4 allocations instead of 6. Growing is fairly cheap, as the CharInfo
struct is trivially copyable.)

See poppler#1173.
Albert Astals Cid
Fix clang-tidy-17 "unnecessary temporary object created while calling emplace_back"
Says modernize-use-emplace

No need to pass the c, we will set it later so we can just use the
default constructed CharCodeToUnicodeString
Nelson Benítez León
Fix text search across lines between paragraphs
This commit fixes the "across lines" text
search feature of TextPage::findText() when
the match happens from the last line of a
paragraph to the first line of next paragraph.

Includes tests for this bug.

Fixes #1475
Fixes https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/evince/-/issues/2001
Nelson Benítez León
Fix regression on issue #157
Redo the fix for issue #157 which is about doing
transparent selection for glyphless documents (eg.
tesseract scanned documents) because it stopped
working after commit 29f32a47
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Albert Astals Cid
qt6: Fix crash in SoundObject::data