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Albert Astals Cid
qt6: fix packages for CI
Albert Astals Cid
Tweak Annot rendering code for when border width is 0
Fixes issue #997
Albert Astals Cid
timeToDateString: We forgot the ' after the minutes
Adobe Reader seems to be particularly strict about this
Albert Astals Cid
Fix Annot border when C is present but empty -> transparent
Issue #993
Albert Astals Cid
Tweak the don't use Appearance stream if annot is typeHighlight
After playing hand editing files and opening them in Adobe Reader i
*think* the condition is "if the appearance stream has a ExtGState in
its Resources dict, then use the appearance stream, otherwise draw it
Albert Astals Cid
Fix rendering of some files
StreamPredictor::getNextLine when predictori == 2 && nBits == 1 && nComps == 1

Issue #976
Issue #567
  • runtests: 2 unexpected failures (0.04%) [1 cairo (50.00%), 1 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Albert Astals Cid
GfxLabColorSpace::parse: Protect against division by 0
Albert Astals Cid
JBIG2Stream::readTextRegion: Fix integer overflow on broken files
Oliver Sander
Fix annotation line width if no appearance stream or style are given
When handling annotations without appearance stream, the behavior
of poppler deviated from what the pdf spec says:  Poppler would
only take the boundary width from a border style (BS) dictionary
if the 'style (S)' field was also present, even though the spec
clearly says that both are optional, and does not mention
one depending on the other.

This behavior was deliberate, because apparently Acroread 8
did it that way.  See the comment by Jeff Muizelaar in 28967940.
But it seems that Acroread behavior has changed, newer versions
do take the 'width' field into account even when there is no
'style (S)' field.  The Chromium pdf renderer does the same.

So let's change the code back to following the spec rather
than an old version of Acroread.

BUG: 988
  • runtests: 8 unexpected failures (0.14%) [4 cairo (50.00%), 4 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Albert Astals Cid
JBIG2Stream::readCodeTableSeg: More overflow protection in broken files
Tobias Deiminger
Splash: Fix wrong x adjustment during clipping
If a line segment goes beyond the current clip region, Splash::strokeNarrow
tries to cut off the segment line to the intersection of the segment line
with the clip border.

Therefore it has to calculate a new endpoint (=intersection point) of the
segment. It does this by using the known segment slope dxdy.

Required information (segment start, segment slope, clip border) is known
in double precision. However the calculation used the integerized clip
border, which necessarily suffers from rounding errors. This error can
become very visible when we have a high dxdy (i.e, a flat-angle line).

Use SplashClip::getYMin and SplashClip::getYMax instead of getYMinI and getYMaxI,
and we get visibly correct results.

Fixes #990.
  • runtests: 1 unexpected failures (0.02%) [1 splash (100.00%)] -  stdio
Albert Astals Cid
SampledFunction: Initialize cacheOut
On some broken files m is 0 so every time we call
SampledFunction::transform we just return cachedOut, but it was never
initialized. We can solve it other ways but seems seems the least
Albert Astals Cid
JBIG2Stream::readSymbolDictSeg: Return early if one of the bitmaps is null
Doesn't seem to regress any of the valid files i have and saves some
very small looping for hours
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Albert Astals Cid
JBIG2Stream::readTextRegion: Make bitmap an unique_ptr
Simplifies having to remember to add the delete on all those error cases
Albert Astals Cid
Remove #if that was confusing clang-format
Code looks better now
Albert Astals Cid
Use the font name without subset tag when querying for a system font
i.e. if the font name is DDPJAD+Times-Roman look for a replacement of Times-Roman

Fixes issue #972
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
  • runtests: 2 unexpected failures (0.04%) [1 cairo (50.00%), 1 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Tobias Deiminger
Draw better circles for circle annotations
Because PDF spec has no built in circle operator, we can only approximate
a circle by joining cubic bezier curve segments.

We already did good approximation for line endings and radio buttons by
setting distance of bezier control point to (4 * (sqrt(2) - 1) / 3) * r.
But the older AnnotGeometry::draw code for subtype circle still used
an equivalent of 0.5 * r, which yields a visibly non-circular circle.
Fix it by using the bezierCircle define for AnnotGeometry too.

Does minor refactoring by introducing AnnotAppearanceBuilder::drawEllipse,
and forwarding drawCircle to it. typeSquare code is slightly touched as
a consequence, but remains functionally unchanged.

Also changes 'S' (stroke path) to 's' (close and stroke path). To my
understanding 'close and stroke' is the correct thing to do here,
it's in line with drawCircle and the original commit 6c4fa513 didn't
explain why it left the path open by using 'S'.

Fixes #989.
  • runtests: 2 unexpected failures (0.04%) [1 cairo (50.00%), 1 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Kyle Auble
cmake: Remove redundant unit-test macro
poppler_add_unittest was only used 3 times & effectively differed from
poppler_add_test by just a CMake add_test call.
  • runtests: 2 unexpected failures (0.04%) [1 cairo (50.00%), 1 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Kyle Auble
Remove .pc files for private back-ends
  • runtests: 2 unexpected failures (0.04%) [1 cairo (50.00%), 1 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Kyle Auble
cmake: Remove obsolete version-check macro
Only used once to check pkgconfig >= 0.18 (released in 2005 at latest).
  • runtests: 2 unexpected failures (0.04%) [1 cairo (50.00%), 1 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Kyle Auble
cmake: Remove obsolete bool-to-binary macro
Only used once & no longer needed; CMake configure_file converts
True/False to def/undef transparently now.
  • runtests: 2 unexpected failures (0.04%) [1 cairo (50.00%), 1 splash (50.00%)] -  stdio
Albert Astals Cid
gcc: Enable -fno-operator-names
They are valid C++ but it's not what this project uses, it's a matter of
uniformity (same reason we have clang-format for example)
Albert Astals Cid
JBIG2Stream::readTextRegion: Prevent integer overflow on broken files
Albert Astals Cid
Update (C)
Albert Astals Cid
GfxFunctionShading::getColor: Fix buffer overrun in broken documents
Issue #979
Albert Astals Cid
Move psLevel to PSOutputDev creation
It's were it makes sense, not as part of GlobalParams that we're
sloooooooooowly trying to get rid of
Philipp Knechtges
pdftops: fix wording in processcolorformat-related error messages
Philipp Knechtges
redact splashModeUndefined and as a substitute introduce a boolean value where necessary
Philipp Knechtges
PSOutputDev: use the DeviceN8 bitmap for rasterization with CMYK-output + overprint
This mostly mimics the pdftoppm behaviour.
Philipp Knechtges
PSOutputDev/pdftops: for splashModeCMYK8 and language level >=2 activate overprint emulation
The overprint operands are always emitted for any language level >= 2, such that it is just consistent
to activate overprint emulation during rasterization if it is quite likely that the final device
supports this operation.
Philipp Knechtges
PSOutputDev/pdftops: provide options to set the rasterization color space and ICC profile
Poppler so far has to assume some underlying color space. This commit gives the user the
opportunity to specify this color space through two new options in pdftops:

The former practically sets the underlying splash bitmap type during rasterization,
while the latter sets the display profile of the used SplashOutputDev.
Albert Astals Cid
Poppler 20.11.0
Albert Astals Cid
Fix comment as pointed out by Nelson
Albert Astals Cid
Dict: Save 8 bytes of memory
It's not a lot, but Dict is used relatively often, so won't hurt for a 1
line code change
Albert Astals Cid
CI: Fix qt6 build
Albert Astals Cid
CI: Use debian:unstable instead of fedora:31 that has a newer clazy
clazy is broken in fedora 32 and 33 and i'm tired of complaining
Albert Astals Cid
Albert Astals Cid
No need to relink libraries just because the .so it depends on has been